The drummer Eddy Powell was born in Birmingham and first played a horn in a brass band. It was in his teens when he started playing the drums first influenced by rock and later met and played jazz with Andy Hamilton. He decided that a musical career was probably going to be difficult so took a brief engineering job and later his current full time job working with his wife in a wig and hair extension shop. He continues to play in several bands.

Picture: Eddie playing drums with the Blue Notes at the Silvershine Club in Bearwood.

“I went for an engineering job that didn’t work out. So, I just thought music was something that I enjoy. And I was fortunate to have some friends in the rehearsal room. So, we used to meet up quite regularly to practice, and I seem to enjoy it… [I’m] from a working class background I didn’t think about going to university or anything like that at that time. So, I thought, well, I like music, and …that was something I just enjoy doing. And I was able to get gigs occasionally.”

BH: At the Silvershine Club the jazz is always good but it is well-known amongst photographers for its low lighting. And when photographing drummers this is compounded by them being positioned at the back often behind other players so getting good shots is challenging. This is shot with the classic gig lens – a 70-200 zoom wide open at f2.8 at ISO 3200.

Picture: Eddy in the hair extension and wig shop in Wolverhampton where he works.

“I’ve been working… in retail. We sell wigs and synthetic hair. We used to be on Soho Road but we re-located to Wolverhampton that. I’m lucky because some people haven’t got a job at the moment.”

BH: A wig shop does give interesting photographic opportunities and I liked the idea of shooting Eddy with these dummy heads Eddy is behind glass which makes a less sharp image but I was happy to trade that for the interesting juxtapositions and the odd reflections.