Sandra Daniels, a singer, was born in Moseley, Birmingham. She started singing very young but it was going to Church from the age of 16 and getting involved in Gospel where it got developed. For many years she was a social worker supporting families that had children with disabilities. More recently she reduced her hours due to the pressures, then became a carer for her mother and eventually in 2018 became a full time singer with her own band and in care homes. She does vocal coaching, runs a singing group for people who are depressed, isolated or lonely and volunteers for a community arts project.

Picture: Sandra singing with the Blue Notes at the Silvershine Jazz Club.

“I guess I’ve always [been] singing, singing at home all the time. But in terms of going out and singing in front of other people, I think probably, I would have to thank the church for that. As most singers tend to start in the Gospel circles, and that’s more or less where I started as well. I started going back to church when I was about 16. Singing those gospel songs gave me a nice foundation, to sing for the love of it, for the joy of it, not for entertaining. …it doesn’t really matter whether people like you or not, it’s about being true to what you’re singing for.”

BH: The light at Silvershine is usually very dark so it was great to get this shot of Sandra.

Picture: Sandra at the arts project she volunteers at in East Birmingham .

“I started from scratch the night at Cogs Bar which ran for a couple of years, trying as much as I can to repay the people that had given me gigs in the first place, supporting students and people who had helped us, I wanted to give that back. Thereu2019s amazing things happening in London and around the country and the international acts but there is lot to be said about what actually happens in Birmingham. Occasionally that can get overlooked.”

BH: Since retiring from social work Sandra has been running her own musical projects and workshops. This is a shot is of her explaining an artwork at the project she volunteers at.

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